Having a passion for music makes working on music websites an easy job. Not only do you get to learn about your favorite bands like The Coronas, you also get to see the latest music videos and songs before anyone else.

We use a content management system to update websites. When using a content management system you are constantly learning. Each template is unique and has its own obstacles in which to overcome. Modules are located in different areas and articles and menus have to assigned to a variety of places. Information about the musical acts is sourced from the band websites and internet resources and the official biographies.

The websites that we are currently working on are all Irish based which means that all the content is localized. This is great because it feels like you are doing something relevant and important to promote the Irish music industry.

www.musicindustry.ie is a website that helps promote musicians and venues across Ireland. Also in the site is advice on how to make it in the music industry and all the latest music industry news.

The last music site is www.musictv.ie. This website was the most fun to create. The focus of the website is to provide the most up to date and coolest music videos.

Once the content of the sites have been added, seeing the end results is very rewarding. After adding articles, photographs, reviews and videos, it’s great to see all the components working in unison, this is the best part of the job and makes it all worthwhile.

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